Dark Company: Medicine Man and Fixed and Free

We have uploaded new upgraded mixes of Medicine Man and Fixed and Free from the Old Hands album by Dark Company. In the coming weeks we plan to upload further upgraded alpha mixes of songs from the Old Hands album, as much of what is there at present is mostly of only demo quality.

Medicine Man and Fixed and Free are old lyrics with fairly new music. One of the guitars used for the recordings was the ESP baritone, which was tuned to standard Bb tuning with a drop Ab for the low string. Both are radio-edit short, heavy in style and somewhat tongue-in-cheek lyrically.

As these are only alpha mixes they both require a fair amount of work to be brought up to full Dark Company release standard. Fixed and Free at present has a somewhat comical ending that we have left in for your enjoyment, where Sven and Pete are clowning around in the studio.

If you would like to hear Medicine Man or Fixed and Free, you can do at the Dark Company Old Hands playlist page, which you can reach by clicking here.