Dark Company: Noir

We may not have finished working on Dark Company’s Bad Habits album, but it is time to announce their 11th collection of songs. The newest album of songs by Dark Company will be titled Noir and we plan to have it ready by late 2010.

We have 18 song titles for you as well: Alarm Clock, All Tomorrow’s Parties, Cable Guy, Change the Light, Code Red, Coloured Drum, Dead Young, FBI, Mainstream Man, Meat Grinder, Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Now or Never, Please Try Later!, Right Turn, Sailor, Those Like Us, Tilt and Up West.

To tease you further, we have published the lyrics to these songs over at Explicit Music if you would like to read any of them. We may publish some demos and out-takes of these at some point soon. The title Noir came from the film genre of the same name and the dark, dark feel of the new material.

Due to a poorly computer in Studio 2, Pete today recorded some vocal parts to some of the oldest of old Alien Heat songs as that collection develops further. Easy Street and Wonderlust were the songs he recorded and it was fun to do them again after nearly 20 years since their last outing. There are only three more songs on that collection still in need of vocals to be recorded.

Meanwhile, our boffins are grappling with the assortment of intangibilities and imponderables that make up Knowing, We Are from the Bad Habits album. Brian Eno, producer of U2’s Joshua Tree, once described the engineering of the opening track Where the Streets Have No Name as “… a nightmare of screwdriver work.” Knowing, We Are is another song that seems to fit into that particular category.

Dark Company also plan to do another photoshoot. Pete tried out his somewhat frightening hair dye the other day. It may yet look cool. More news on this will follow shortly.