Flicker: Flicker logo merch store changes

The Flicker logo at the Wud Records merch store is going to disappear very soon. That means if you want to own a warm hoodie, cool t-shirt, mouse pad, set of coasters, dog blanket and all manner of other things emblazoned with the flames of the Flicker logo, you had better be quick!

Here is a link to click that will take you directly to all 68 of the Flicker logo products at our third party merch store:


There are 68 different products with this design available right now. In case you should be thinking of buying a new laptop bag, baseball cap, wall clock, notebook, or all manner of other items, why not buy one of ours? It will serve you well, look great and help us bring you some new music when we can upgrade the main studio monitors.

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To visit the Flicker logo page at our merch store, please click here.

To stream a Flicker album whilst you are browsing, please click here and choose one from Bandcamp.

If you would like to check out all of the other designs available at the Wud Records merch store, please click here.

At the time of publishing, there is a special offer on stickers. If you happen to have some blank surfaces that need perking up, four are 25% off and ten are 50% off. These things don’t tend to last very long, so be fast!