Flicker: remastering

We shall soon be remastering the 2002 Flicker album At Least 1000 Words. This process will take place in three stages.

The first stage is to put all of the audio and data files in one place. This stage is done. Hooray!

The second stage is to conduct an analysis of all of those audio and data files to select the optimum version of each track on the album.

The third stage will be the remastering itself.

We shall keep you updated regarding the progress of this task through the news feed here at Wud Records and hope to bring you the spanking shiny new remastered At Least 1000 Words album in the reasonably near future.

In the meantime you can download the old version of At Least 1000 Words from Bandcamp at a price you can name yourself, which includes free. Anyone who downloads the album for 89% or more of the price we set for the final album will be sent the upgraded mp3 files free of charge.

If you would like to listen to At Least 1000 Words, please click here.