Laughing Sun: Cander repaired

The first ever recording of Laughing Sun, which was named Cander, has been repaired. It can now be heard again, both here at its page at Wud Records and over at SoundCloud.

Five of the six songs on Cander were recorded on 4th September 1985, with the final track, Indian Summer, being played a week later on the 11th. It was such a wonderful version with beautiful interplay between Ken’s delightful improvised scat singing and Pok’s guitar solo that we felt it needed to be included, especially as it is the piece that concludes the cassette.

The first five songs were recorded after a Wud rehearsal had finished. The songs I Know I Know You (by Mark Drower), Frog and Change had been recorded during the Wud session. Wud was clearly falling to pieces as the personality clash between Ken and George was growing ever more acrimonious. The Laughing Sun songs form the majority of the B-side of the cassette.

If you would like to listen to Cander at Laughing Sun’s pages here at Wud Records, click here.

If you would prefer to listen to Cander at SoundCloud, please click here instead.