Lemming Meringue: history of the band completed

Lemming Meringue‘s history has been updated. It is now finished, as far as we can tell. It is something we have been intending to finish for a very long time, so it is pleasing to have finally done so.

When the new Wud Records website was first launched in 2008, a lot of things were added very quickly without being completed. This is particularly true of biographical histories. Something needed to be written so that the pages could exist. Several have never been finished. We are attempting to finish off these old writings, finally.

How the time flies. It is almost 36 years since Lemming Meringue felt they were doing things somehow right and could finally change their name to Wud.

In spite of all the interest from the press, the general public and the music industry, and the potential for a very successful career, Wud‘s attempt at total global domination was far too short lived. This was entirely due to the constant personality clash between Ken and George. In fact, the band lasted barely six months. What a shame and what a waste.

That, however, is another story, which you can read about by clicking here. It is a story which we hope will be completely written sometime soon.

As usual, when it is finished we shall let fans know via our News service, the Bandcamp Community and on Twitter.

George wrote the Lemming Meringue biography and is still very much alive and well and part of Wud Records.

Ken, however, vanished without trace in the late 1980s after becoming a born again Christian. We have no idea what happened to him or if he is even still living.

What is most surprising to us about Ken is that there is no sign whatsoever of any of his post-Wud singing anywhere on the internet. This seems to be a terrible shame for a man of his talent. Whereever he is, whatever may have become of him, we hope he found peace within himself and a happy place to be.

Lemming Meringue’s history can be reached by clicking here, if you would like to read it.