Mark Drower and the Everyones: Blaze Tape remastered

After a considerable amount of messing around with difficult digital conundrums that have caused our technical boffins to tear out their hair, cry out unprintable words in rage and frustration and generally behave in a rather irritable and disgruntled fashion for several weeks, we have finally repaired Studio One to the extent that the things that are still broken now mostly seem to have work-arounds. Hooray!

As a result, we have been experimenting with our mastering tools and the result was a cleaner, less hissy, less boomy, sweeter, clearer, louder version of Mark Drower and the Everyones’ Blaze Tape.

This was recorded tape-to-tape onto a particularly cheap and nasty cassette way back in 1982 as it was the only cassette available for this recording at that time, unfortunately. All in all it is remarkable how well it has cleaned up.

There is a little distortion here and there, especially in This Time Tomorrow, and some cassette drop-out can be heard near the start of The Mirror. You can also hear a couple of bassy booms during the songs when some hapless backing singer comes into contact with a mic stand and when Mark has the odd particularly pronounced labial moment.

Removing all the horrible yuckiness from the recording has also resulted in a faint sonic residue in places that is reminiscent of somebody pouring a sack full of boiled sparkly magic beans through an obsidian funnel into a cotton-lined tin pit containing a medusa with a bad case of influenza. Other than that, this is not too bad and we’ve added it to our default playlist as well.

These recordings have generated some interest across the internet so we are considering putting them together as a saleable product. If any members of the cast of the Everyone play would like a copy, we will be happy to send you the mp3s if you contact us via the email.

To listen to this wonder of ancient technology meeting modern technology, you can visit the Mark Drower and the Everyones Blaze Tape page by clicking here.