Now: lyrics transcribed

Today we transcribed some Now lyrics by Mark Drower from the 1982 Inauguration bootleg. These lyrics have been published at Explicit Music. They are also included in the Inauguration by Now SoundCloud page. Fortunately Mark did a very clear vocal performance with precise enunciation, which made the job easier.

Mark had such a fantastic voice, so expressive. His acoustic guitar rhythms were hypnotic and compelling, and being a self-taught guitarist he played some fantastically unconventional things. His lyrics were always interesting and direct. It is such a shame he had no interest in continuing his musical journey. We feel very lucky to have been able to capture some of his awesome talent on tape all those years ago.

Jon Kneebone’s drumming was also unique and highly expressive. He was definitely a whacker rather than a tappper and made a big sound. He would attach a headless tambourine to the pole of his hi-hat, an idea he had from watching his hero, John Bonham.

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