Wud Records: Passion and Meaning interviews George

Passion and Meaning has just published a new blog post featuring none other than our co-founder, co-director and the band leader of Flicker and Dark Company, George. In the interview George talks about how music first came to him, his teachers and inspirations over the years, and right up to where he is now. It is a short but fascinating insight into the life and times of one of today’s champions of independent DIY musicians and well worth a read.

Passion and Meaning is the website and brainchild of composer, musician, lyricist, independent music supporter and all-round splendid human Elizabeth Chute. A number of her wonderful compositions have featured in our Musical Discoveries compilations and we highly recommend you listen to her music for yourself. You can do so by clicking here.

Being a ‘proper’ educated musician – like George – she also has sheet music for her piano compositions for sale, so you can learn to play and appreciate in greater depth the subtle nuances of her creations. If you click here, a new tab will open with all of her available sheet music for your downloading pleasures.

Every month Elizabeth publishes an interview with one of her musical friends and all of them are interesting, highly enlightening and show the enormous diversity not only of how people come to music and where they are now, but also the influences within the music of Passion and Meaning. Recent interviewees include Marcus Mandible, Josephine Pascoe, Jennifer Doll, Ronnie Sparks (Big Time Radio) and Verity White.

Due to length, not all of the interview was able to be published. Elizabeth suggested that we may publish the interview in full here at the Wud Records website so that remains a possibility for some later time. If it should happen, we will let fans of George’s bands know through our News service and on Twitter.

If you would like to read the interview with George at the Passion and Meaning website, you can do so by clicking here.