Pok: a new album

We are discussing the possibilities of making a new album with Pok. We are planning to make a top quality definitive studio recording of all the great classic songs from the 80s and 90s that were played by the likes of Now, Laughing Sun and Alchemeon.

Pok has been a man of wud since wudding first began and has gone on to form The Space Goats and Lilith’s Labyrinth. He is more involved in traditional Bardic work right now and you will often see him raising the morale at protest camps and performing at druidic events. His blog is a fascinating and diverse piece of work and you can visit it by clicking here.

We are literally only in the discussion stage of things at the moment so it will be a long time yet until there are any results. However, we are all excited by the prospect of paying respect to these songs and laying them to bed for the world to enjoy.