Pok: Freight Train (Pains)

Freight Train (Pains) by Pok the Bard is the latest song to be added to his forthcoming Anthology album. It is one of Pok‘s very oldest songs and was mined from his book Golden Temple and the Laughing Sun during a recent outbreak of song-related archaeology.

Despite it’s age in years, Freight Train (Pains) is very fresh. The whole thing was recorded, mixed, mastered and released in just the one session. It is the first time we have managed to produce a whole song from nothing since The Lecher, also on Pok‘s forthcoming Anthology album.

The freight train in Freight Train (Pains) is the very same train as the one described in another of Pok’s songs, Cunning and Tricks, which is also on the Anthology album.

When Pok arrived for a day in our studios, he brought with him original copies of two of the books he wrote back in the 80s, Boris and Golden Temple and the Laughing Sun. Both are veritable goldmines of material! We had originally planned to develop other songs instead, but this one took a hold and turned out rather well.

Pok had even taken his rather splendid Tanglewood acoustic guitar away to where he has been staying, so he used George’s studio Yamaha with its tiny electric strings. Pok also plays Betty the Bastard, his rather old and wonderful Tokai electric. Bass was provided by our in-house bass player Maxx Damage and Pok added all of the vocals as well. Virtually everything was recorded in one continuous take and the whole song has a fresh, natural, intimate atmosphere.

We have set the price for Freight Train (Pains), as indeed we have for the whole of the Anthology album, to ‘pay what you want’, so you can choose what value to give this piece of music. By all means download it for free, although of course any contributions towards keeping our lights burning and flags flying are greatly appreciated.

We are very hopeful of being able to release some more old classics by Pok to his Anthology album in the coming days. His next visit is slated for Monday and we have a few tracks nearing completion. We shall let all of Pok‘s fans know of any developments in our News Service and on Twitter.

If you would like to hear or download Freight Train (Pains) by Pok the Bard on Bandcamp, please click here.

To listen to or download the whole of the Anthology album by Pok as it stands right now, please click here instead.