Pok: new Anthology cover art

The Anthology cover art for Pok’s wonderful and growing Anthology album has finally been finished and uploaded. The old temporary artwork that has been in use since the first track – The Lecher – was released way back in 2012 has finally been upgraded and replaced. We are all very pleased with the new design. What do you think?

The Anthology cover art features the wonderful photography of Claudie Ferri and Cliff Smith. The photographs show three different images of Pok across the ages.

Claudie took the two more recent photos of Pok, as he is in the present. These represent the Pok of today, performing and recording the songs on the Anthology album.

Cliff took the other Anthology cover art photo of Pok. You see him as a teenage minstrel standing near the sink in the attic room at the old Wud HQ in Grosvenor Place, Exeter. This photo represents the younger Pok, hard at work creating and composing the wonderful songs that go to make up the Anthology album.

We have not yet decided on the final formats of the release when Anthology is finished. Digital formats are fairly easy, and we tend to release finished songs as and when they are ready. For physical products we are looking at CDs – either a multi-CD album or several volumes, or both – as well as vinyl and cassette. These final format decisions will be made when the recorded material is more-or-less finished.

At the time of publishing this news report, there are 13 songs on the Anthology album and about 25 to 30 others in varying stages of completion in the Wud Records studios. We shall continue to work on these as and when we can, as real life and day jobs and so on allow.

At this very moment, the song Born is nearing mixdown stage. It needs just the velvet fingers and twiddlesome magic of Josh on keys to be recorded. Hopefully the finished song will be released in the next couple of weeks.

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The range of musical genres on Anthology is impressively large and includes progressive rock, space rock, psychedelia, alternative rock, classic rock, heavy rock, acoustic, singer-songwriter, blues, instrumentals, protest songs, poetry and more. It’s a wonderful album and we hope you love it as much as we do.

If you would like to listen to or download Anthology by Pok from Bandcamp as it stands right now, please click here.