Pok: pOK Tv

Pok has launched his own YouTube channel called pOK Tv and added many, many videos to it already. These films stretch back more than 20 years and include recent footage as well as vintage performances by Spacegoats, Heathens All, Lost Troubadours, Tribal Voices, and of course, Pok’s famous appearance on Da Ali G Show.

This resource is a vast treasure trove of goodies that will allow the viewer to enjoy many hours of Pok‘s work spanning decades. It is a compilation of videos uploaded by third parties as well as videos that Pok and his friends have made themselves, many of which are available to be seen for the first time ever.

As lifelong fans and friends of the good Professor, we are amazed and filled with wonder and joy at some of the gems which have suddenly appeared here. We highly recommend that you subscribe to his channel, pOK Tv, at once!

To go there now, please click here.