Pyg: Gruntings album restored

The Gruntings album from 2001 by Pyg has been restored to the Wud Records Archives and added to our collection of albums over at SoundCloud. Gruntings was Pyg‘s second studio album and is a far more refined affair than their somewhat raucous live sound.

We tend to feel that the production and mixing is not very good, especially regarding the drums and bass. This is despite this particular version of Gruntings being a rerun of the whole thing, as the original recording turned out painfully shoddy and far beneath the expectations of the band. We tend to feel that the whole album could be improved a bit by some proper mastering. We might give it such a treatment sometime in an unknown future.

Lurking within our archives there are a number of live cassette recordings of Pyg from various shows. We hope to be able to condense these down into a ‘best-of’ compilation someday as many of their fabulous songs are not represented on the two studio albums we present you with here. We shall update you of any such developments in our News service and on Twitter.

If you would like to listen to Gruntings by Pyg here at the Wud Records Archives, please click here.

If you prefer to listen over at SoundCloud, please click here instead.