Stephen Yates: Eponymous EP repaired

The Eponymous EP of Stephen Yates and his remarkable compositions for electric guitar is the most recent of our Archive playlists to be repaired and added to the growing collection of Wud Records playlists over at SoundCloud.

Stephen Yates is a renowned and celebrated virtuoso, better known for his classical guitar playing, for which he has won multiple prestigious international awards following his graduation. He has worked extensively as a session musician both in the studio and on tours for major artists. His compositional experiments include some fascinating and wonderful pieces in a classical style for steel-string guitar, many of which have been posted to YouTube. Nearly every guitarist watching the way he performs these pieces will wonder ‘how on earth did he just do that?!’

Perhaps even more surprising is the way that he composes pieces. Usually his pieces are composed using a pencil and some blank score paper, the music coming straight from his imagination with no instrument involved at that stage.

Please note that we do not own the copyright to any of these recordings. The copyright is owned entirely by Stephen Yates and these pieces are hosted here with his permission because we happen to like them.

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