Stephen Yates: new Demo artwork

Stephen Yates has new Demo artwork and it looks great! One could say that the Stephen Yates Demo is an eponymous prog metal EP. The new Demo artwork has been a long time coming and finally it has been finished.

There was no artwork at all with the CD Stephen gave us so we felt something needed to be created. We found a photo of Stephen looking rather handsome on Dartmoor. It is a photo that he has used on various social media websites as well as at his own website. After a little jiggery pokery and adding a little text, the Stephen Yates new Demo artwork is rather pleasing.

Over the course of our professional musical exploits, we have met many, many musicians of different abilities and renown. When we first met Stephen, at The Academy of Music and Sound, his presence was palpable the moment he entered the building. There was something very special about this man and the aura that accompanied him. He was actually grumbling that the coffee he had just bought from a place up the road wasn’t terribly good.

When he strapped on his Stratocaster and an impossible cascade of hemi-demi-semiquavers filled the area in an effortless blur of fingers, and an assortment of fretboard-melting licks were dashed off with contemptuous ease, it was easy to understand why the aura accompanied Stephen. We have never encountered any musician of his prowess and virtuosity, either before or since.

Stephen comes from a classical guitar background, where he won much acclaim and numerous awards, such as Classical Guitar magazine‘s prestigious title Guitarist of the Year. His Demo, or eponymous EP, is something more akin to progressive metal than traditional classical guitar and demonstrates a range of his extraordinary compositional and musical skills.

Here are some links to places where you can find more of Stephen Yates and his astonishing compositions, musicianship and teachings:

If you would like to listen to Stephen Yates’s Demo, or eponymous EP if you will, here at Wud Records, please click here.

Should you prefer to listen to it over at SoundCloud instead, please click here.