Wud Records: support networks for DIY musicians and indie labels

Recently we have become involved with a few support networks for DIY musicians and indie labels. These networks have helped raise our online profile, boost our fanbase and increase plays and sales of songs and album. Thanks guys! :)

In order for others to find them and join in easily, a new section has been created in our fabulous Links page. This section has been named ‘Support Networks’ and due to alphabetical sortings, it appears at the bottom of the Links page.

Every link in the Support Networks section is highly recommended. If you check all of them out thoroughly and do the things that they ask to be included or featured, you will see results. We guarantee it.

Further great and helpful support networks will be added to the list on an ongoing basis, so do check back from time to time. There are more support networks with whom we are in touch and there must be thousands more we have not yet encountered. We will only link to the ones that we have experience of and can recommend on a personal and professional basis. You will be able to see other such networks we recommend if you follow us on Twitter.

There has never been a better time in the history of this planet to be a musician. The wonder of the internet is that it gives us all the opportunity to be discovered by new audiences and new fans across the entire world. By joining in and networking with others who share our philosophies, we all find ourselves stronger together.

Major labels and the mainstream media continue to peddle their bland manufactured mediocre muzak, coated in sparkly saccharine, to try to maintain their dumbed-down and censored control of minds and wallets. More and more individuals are empowering themselves and seeking the knowledge and enlightenment that the discovery of real music brings. Long live the revolution!