Ug Brothers: Cute But Weird Ugstrumentals repaired

The Cute But Weird Ugstrumentals by The Ug Brothers is the latest collection of songs to be repaired. The old Flamplayer playlist is gone and has been replaced by the new SoundCloud playlist.

These are pre-bounce instrumental mixes from the old four-track cassette portastudio that the band used to record their Cute But Weird album. The Ug Brothers wanted to keep these for posterity, as back in those days editing audio was a destructive process. This meant that although much of the material on these mixes made it onto the final cut of Cute But Weird, not everything did. Space needed to be made for vocals and other things.

Ugstrumentals are, of course, instrumentals by The Ug Brothers. There is a whole album of their Ugstrumentals both here at the Wud Records website and over among our playlists at SoundCloud. These were used for lyric writing and rehearsal purposes by the band and eventually led to the birth of Flicker.

In case you feel like singing along to these tracks, which are in effect karaoke tracks of the Cute But Weird album, we included the lyrics on each song’s page.

If you would like to listen to the Cute But Weird Ugstrumentals by The Ug Brothers here at Wud Records, you can do so by clicking here.

Instead, if you wish to listen at Soundcloud, you can listen here.

The finished version of the Cute But Weird album is available here for your listening pleasure, where you can download it as well.