Ug Brothers: new Ugstrumental descriptions

The Ugstrumental collection by The Ug Brothers at SoundCloud has had all of its descriptions enhanced with new facts, history and trivia. Each track of Ugstrumental music at SoundCloud now has its own separate backstory.

An Ugstrumental is, of course, an instrumental by The Ug Brothers. This particular collection was a set of bootleg recordings from rehearsals to allow Natalie to have a karaoke tape to listen and sing along to.

We hope you enjoy the new enhanced descriptions. We shall be transferring these updates across from SoundCloud to our partners at Explicit Music in due course.

At some unknown time in the future we aim to completely remaster these Ugstrumentals and release them as a live and unbrushed album. The sound quality is not yet good enough for such a release as these tracks were lifted from a master cassette. The master cassette was in turn created from various other cassettes that no longer exist as far as we can tell. Second generation cassette is simply not up to the task of being downloadable without some remastering process.

If you would like to listen to the the Ugstrumentals by The Ug Brothers (as they stand just now) whilst reading the new and improved details concerning each track, you can reach them all by simply clicking here.