Ug Brothers: In Session 20/11/86 playlist repaired

The Ug Brothers have had an old playlist of theirs repaired and added to SoundCloud, along with a few fun facts for each song. It is the only surviving recording of their first incarnation, which lasted for just a few weeks at the end of 1986. This collection features seven songs that were pretty raw.

It may have been the very first rehearsal of The Ug Brothers with drums and amplifiers and noisy things like that. The song Aquarian Spirit seems quite tight and bouncy, so it may have been played a few times before. It seems to be a song that Graham knew well and he may have even quite liked it at the time because George had written it about him.

The cassette we lifted the recording from runs out before the end of Same Old Road Again, a song that was performed live many times by Rough Terrain and appears on their Howell Road Demo and Exit Stage Deaf compilation.

Graham, Marc and George were all present but strangely Dean was not. Dean was the official singer of The Ug Brothers and a massive pot-head, so he may have been too stoned to make it to the rehearsal. It seems unlikely that it was a ‘musicians only’ rehearsal as there are vocals from Graham and George. It’s no longer possible to be anything other than speculative as to what the story there truly was.

You can listen to this recording of The Ug Brothers live In Session 20/11/1986 here at the Wud Records website by clicking here.

If you prefer, you can listen to it at SoundCloud by clicking here.