Wud: Daylight Demo remastered

To celebrate the remastering of the 1985 Daylight Demo by Wud we are offering it for sale at Bandcamp for just £2 until the end of June. You can click here to visit Wud’s Daylight Demo page at Bandcamp.

This collection of four songs still sounds crispy and fresh, and full of youthful energy and innocence. Ian Dent at Daylight Recording Studios in Honiton did a splendid job on the desk and it required very little tweaking other than the removal of the cassette noise.

The Daylight Demo was created when Wud were still a duo. Ken Staple was on vocals and George Davies played guitars. Later other members of the band came and joined in the fun. Ken’s voice is still legendary and everyone who saw and were fond of the old Wud band will remember him.

You can click here to visit the Wud pages here at this website. Lyrics and information about the songs are published at Explicit Music, which you can reach by clicking here. We have also added the songs to our default music player, which is set to random play and is free to enjoy at all of our non-band-specific pages.