Wud Records: a smorgasbord of tweakages

Over the last week or so we’ve been busy refining, adjusting and tweaking various parts of the Wud Records website and the Explicit Music site as well. These tweaks include the changing of various graphical objects, the addition of extra links to ease site navigation, an assortment of fine-tunings to all of the news posts so that each band’s news can be viewed more easily, the ‘Contacts’ page has been repaired, and links have been added to the Explicit Music site’s ‘Lyrics and Information’ pages. They link back to the Wud Records site so that anybody reading about a song by one of our bands over at that site can listen to the songs easily here.

We have also added some new items to our shop. These include the full album collections of the various albums that are available and some genuine Wud Artifacts which will be coming online soon. We hope to be able to add more items to the shop in the near future and plan to upgrade the sonic items available there too.