Wud Records and Explicit Music: sites updated

As the erection of the Wud Records shop has been taking shape over the last few days, our regular visitors will no doubt notice one or two changes to some of the musical pages. These changes are likely to manifest across the entire site over time and make finding lyrics and song information much more straightforward when listening to music here.

There are one or two test pages about the place as well, although sadly Thudge seems to have crawled back into his shell of steaming slime. You can ignore test pages if you wish, or make comments on them in the forums. Build #3 of this site is looking like it’s coming up, so a hard hat and a strong awareness of gaping holes in the ground might be useful when navigating the site at present.

A whole heap of stuff has been added to the Explicit Music site, including all the information you’ll ever need concerning Dark Company’s Signmaker album.

Our technical department have concluded that the attempted re-run of The Blaze Tape was too glitchy to be used, as was a recording of a Lemming Meringue demo made at the notorious Flat D. So it’s back to the grinder once more for those sonic items.

On a more glorious note, the Search Party Demo songs that previously failed their quality control check have been repaired and reloaded to their proper page. Also uploaded to the Dark Company ‘out-takes’ page is a dodgy demo of Dark Company’s and Alien Heat’s Where Are You made by George one afternoon in 2001 on his old Tascam 244.

After the re-release of the Red Rug Demo, Alien Heat’s Essential is coming close to a re-release with new CD artwork. We have also discovered another band called Alien Heat! They come from Finland. The Wud Records team would like to shout out a big ‘HELLO!’ to all our new Finnish friends.