Wud Records: forty years of wudding!

Forty years ago we started wudding. It seems incredible that it was so long ago already. It has taken us on journeys far and wide, along such twisted and obscure paths we could never have imagined. But that is the way it has turned out.

And now, we are here, forty years of wudding further down the road. Older, wiser, with more skills and knowledge, and still bashing away on musical instruments, hoping somebody might like what we do. We know some of you do and are very thankful for that.

It once seemed impossible, to clock up forty laps of the sun, but it happens eventually. If you are in your teens or twenties, you make think “Pah! What nonsense!” – but you too will grow older.

With each passing day it is barely noticed. With each passing year there comes a change or two. A few new wrinkles, a few new grey hairs. A little more understanding and patience, a longer memory. Perhaps a new reason to smile or a new dagger in the heart.

It seemed impossible to be able to remember things that happened half a century ago, yet now, it’s just as natural as remembering what happened yesterday. Perhaps forty years doesn’t really seem so very long ago after all.

Crazy as it seems, Wud Records celebrates forty years of wudding this year. We were founded in January 1984 in exeter in the uk, where we continued to wud the world until we left the uk in 2017.

Since then our mission to wud the world has continued from central Europe, in an idyllic location in a tiny village in a huge forest at the edge of a national park.

Life quality is so much better here than it ever was in the uk. We often wonder why on earh we didn’t leave decades earlier, but then, we had musicians in exeter who we needed frequent contact with. It would have been quite impossible. Now the world of globalisation and remote recording via the internet have opened up all manner of new possibilities.

Due to brexshit, broken britain, rip-off britain, corruption, lies and bias in the uk media, bigotry, racism, intolerance, hate through ignorance and media encouragement, polarisation, the fact that some of our family members would not be allowed to remain in the uk post-brexit, state-sponsored child trafficking (yes, that’s right, it’s extremely shocking – start reading from here if you don’t believe it: https://forced-adoption.com/), an ever increasing sense of frustration and exasperation, and general total weariness of being treated with nothing but derision, ignorance and contempt by the entire shebang since the early 1980s, we reached a tipping point and decided enough was enough.

We moved our entire operation, taking as many of our people as we could, from brexeter in the uk, to begin our grand brexodus. We are now brefugees, living in brexile very near the border of the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany.

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, we are making a special offer. You can download our entire Bandcamp catalogue for 40% off what it would cost for each individual album. Or, if you will, 19 albums and a single for just €53.40. Forty years of music for less than a visit to a restaurant!

You can access this offer by going to our Bandcamp page. Then simply click on any of the titles (such as this one). You will see the 40% off offer straight away.

Have you done any wudding recently? It’s not too late! ;-)

Forty years of Wud Records music for 40% off at Bandcamp.