Wud Records: George on New Music Saturday

Dr Bones and Mike Five interviewed George on New Music Saturday last weekend. New Music Saturday is a fantastic internet radio show that helps expose new and underground music from all across Europe and North America to its audience all around the world. The show goes out live every Saturday at 10 pm uk time, 11 pm CET and 5 pm EST. New Music Saturday is great fun and jammed full of the best music you probably never heard.

George’s interview is a fascinating insight into the workings of Wud Records and its bands and its history. There’s also lots of funny stories, interesting chat and tangents featuring bizzare deaths and Darwin Awards, the brexit shambles, Ig Nobel Prizes and inappropriate chicken love.

Besides all the fun and silliness that went on, George managed to describe the four active bands on the Wud Records labelFlicker, Dark Company, Pok the Bard and The Bastard Sons of Dennis. There were also mentions for Across the Sea on Premium Blend Radio (broadcast weekly on Hailsham FM), Ron Bowes, Verity White, Atom Collector Records and RutiCelli, among others.

George spoke of the things that are coming up on Wud Records, including some very exciting news for Dark Company fans, and some of the forthcoming work to songs by Pok as well as the remastering and release of the remaining Alchemeon tracks. More news on all of these things in our News service and on Twitter.

If you missed the show on Saturday, it is available for a catch-up listen along with all of the other episodes of New Music Saturday. Simply click here and a new tab will open where you can listen at your own leisure.

New Music Saturday has also been added to the awesome Wud Records Links page. There’s loads of great stuff there, and if you have nothing better to do, why not spend a couple of hours browsing through all the fascinating, diverse and helpful links we have gathered over the years? It’s an excellent resource for the independent musician.