Wud Records: Instagram

Wud Records has a new Instagram account! You can follow us on Instagram by clicking on this link: https://www.instagram.com/wudrecords/

Instagram posts are likely to be somewhat random in their nature. There will be all manner of old photos of our bands and various wudpeople. We will even add new photos as well. There will be occasional artworks and even short films. There is a lot of material to choose from!

A great majority of our bands’ photos live in various gallery pages that belong to the different bands. We intend to include images from our many wonderful Archive bands. Instagram will allow us to mix them all together, like a big glorious one-pot stew.

As we only joined Instagram very recently, there are only fifteen posts to see right now.

We hope you will join us on this new epic pictorial journey. We aim to add more posts at least twice every week. Additions may occur more frequently, with twice weekly being the minimum.

In other news, there has been plenty of studio action during the rockdown. Progress has been made to songs by Dark Company, Flicker, The Bastard Sons of Dennis, Pok the Bard and some of our Archive bands as well.

This all adds up to mean that there will be new music for you to enjoy coming soon! We shall be announcing this in our News service and on Twitter.