Wud Records: many new Wud photos

After discovering all manner of old Wud photos in an obscure place on an old hard drive, we have uploaded them all to the various galleries where they belong. Most of these photos were scanned and stored to be put up at the old Wud site but this never happened for various reasons, mostly discommunication, disorganisation and general untogetherness.

The galleries which have been extended include the miscellaneous gallery and the galleries for Wud, Pyg, Laughing Sun, Sirius Rising and The Addled Eggs. You can visit any of those galleries by clicking on the bands’ names as they are all links.

We are especially pleased with rediscovering the Wud photos as some of the pictures are extremely iconic, such as the photo of Ken and George in the tree, and the bodies spelling out W-U-D, and the prison blap series. We hope that you will enjoy seeing all of these old photographs.