Wud Records: ‘Pay What You Want’

The ‘Pay What You Want’ policy that Wud Records has operated for some time will be coming to an end at the end of 2018. From 2019 we will be setting a minimum price for all digital downloads again.

Although the policy worked quite well in the beginning, in more recent times a lot of freeloaders have come along and downloaded our entire catalogue for free. Musicians need to buy bread and pay the electric bill as well, you know! We will keep an open mind with regard to this policy again in the future.

If anybody who wants a download of some of our music and really cannot afford it, or intends to use it for broadcast or journalistic purposes, we will happily send you the files.

Please let us know you would like something by emailing wudmaster@wudrecords.co.uk and we shall consider your request. Probably favourably.

So if you want to download something, anything or everything from our Bandcamp store without giving us a single brass farthing, hurry up! The freebies end at the end of this year.

We will be posting more on this subject in our News service and on Twitter when the time comes.