Wud Records: social media is dead

Social media is dead. Perhaps not for you, but it is for us. It seems like a waste of our time pursuing it any further just now. Let us explain.

What Happened?

Facebook was quite good about ten or fifteen years ago. We had a growing healthy organic following there.

Then we made the mistake of paying fb for some of their own advertising.

Watch the video below.

What happened next was a disaster, and ridiculous. Paying fb for legitimate advertising killed our page. You can read about it by clicking here.

We abandoned fb and found that Twitter was a much better place to go. It worked well for several years. And then it was bought out by Musk, who has destroyed it.

Even on fb, with a following of about 800, our posts there might be seen by about four to eight people, which is around 0.5 to 1%.

These days, on Twitter, we’ve gone from our tweets being seen by around 500K people per month, to our posts, as they are now called, being seen by about 30 people on average. We have around 16K followers on Twitter, so 0.5% would be around 80 impressions/tweet. Our tweets are rarely seen by that many. It’s even worse than fb! Amazing.

Monthly Twitter stats from October 2020.

Monthly Twitter stats from October 2020.

There are other platforms of course. Instagram is owned by Meta, the same company that owns fb, so it’s hard work. Threads is also owned by Meta and not available in central Europe, so it will be rubbish even if we used a VPN to pretend we were in the USA. You can be sure that if it’s owned by Meta, it will be rubbish.

Mastodon is as dead as a doornail. A total waste of effort and time. You’ll find more life in a mortuary after all the staff have gone home.

And BlueSky, while perhaps the most promising, simply doesn’t have the kind of membership numbers yet for it to really work very well. We get virtually nothing there at all. Maybe one day it will be good, but for now, it needs to grow. A lot.

What does that leave? Telegram, Snapchat and Tiktok might be worth investigation, but again it means starting from square one. And then there are the other also-rans.

So, Now What?

Just because social media is dead, there is no need to mourn.

The best thing we can do is focus on making music. Nobody else can do that for us in the way we need it done.

We shall not be deleting our socials, but we plan to use what little time we have available more effectively. Whispering pathetic nothings into a lonely pointless wilderness seems rather futile.

In other words, we shall be taking a big step back from anything social media related for the foreseeable future.

If you would like to look us up on social media, please click here to see what’s available on our linktree.

Much better would be if you bookmarked or favourited our News service and came here directly for all the newest updates.

You can join our Bandcamp Community, where we also post updates, by clicking here.

If you would rather listen to some of our music instead, there is plenty to enjoy in our Artists section and our Archives section.

Jump in and enjoy it!

More in this excellent article: https://www.droptrack.com/social-media-dead/

More in this excellent article: https://www.droptrack.com/social-media-dead/