Wud Records: SoundCloud Top Ten compilations

SoundCloud Top Ten compilations is the newest feature of the Wud Records website. These pages have been added to our ‘Miscellaneous’ section and start from when we joined, in October 2015.

This new section features the annual Top Twenties as well.

Whilst we have not yet finished adding all of these playlists and pages yet, more will be added in the coming weeks until the full collection is complete. Further compilations will also be added when they are published at the start of the new month.

Now everyone who follows what happens at Wud Records and the fans of our bands, both legacy and active, can see what has been hot and the trends in popularity over time. It is interesting to see what people have been listening to and enjoying. Only you, the listener can influence our future charts, so if you hear something you like, keep playing it! :)

As previously mentioned, we publish a new compilation of the favourite SoundCloud tracks at the start of each new month. These playlists are always announced in our News service and on Twitter. Our algorithm for calculating the chart positions takes into account reposts, likes, comments and plays. Archive and bonus tracks are ignored, and results from other platforms are also ignored. These results are for SoundCloud only and our method for determining final chart position has changed over the months, and may change in the future as inevitable internet developments take place.

The main page for the SoundCloud Top Ten compilations will always have the most recent month as its playlist. All of the previous months are linked down the left hand side of the page for you to check out.

As well as the playlist itself, we have added a table to each page. There are many clickable links contained therein, which will open new tabs and allow the listener to see track details and lyrics at the Explicit Music website when available, as well as more details about the band, and the album or EP the track comes from.

Similar to Billboard, we have included a column to show for how many months the track has appeared in our chart and the movement in position compared to the previous month.

If you would like to browse through all of our SoundCloud Top Ten compilations, you can can do so by clicking here.