Wud Records: latest news

In the latest news from Wud Records, Alchemeon may be performing at a festival on July 4th, and The Bastard Sons of Dennis will be putting some finishing touches to their open mic set this week. More news on both of these events will follow shortly.

We are still busy working behind the scenes on the websites. Explicit Music is undergoing some rather extensive moving and may not be fully accessible for a while. We are also waiting for the plumbers’ strike to end so we can install a shiny new tap in our shop, for important health and safety reasons.

The sheer amount of sound packed into the recording of Dark Company’s Bad Habits album is causing our machinery to strain and sweat a little and we are considering an upgrade for the studio.

On a somewhat sadder note, an old friend of Wud Records died last week. Mr Toby Hamilton, 1965-2009. R.I.P. :(