Wud: archives raided for uploads

During an mp3-based kerfuffle we discovered a collection of songs by Wud that had not been uploaded previously, so we fixed this by adding a new page to Wud. The collection in question is the Cander collection. These songs were recorded just before the beginnings of Laughing Sun and where Laughing Sun’s Cander occupies Side B of the Cander cassette, so this collection of songs by Wud occupies side A of the same cassette.

Piestnia Za, or Песня За as it should be written, is instrumental and features just George and Marc. Fair play to Marc for struggling through this behemoth of a composition on Excaliber, his Kay bass. The two seemed rather chuffed with their efforts judging by the off-mic chat and giggling.

We also scanned and uploaded to the Wud Gallery the cassette cover for the Daylight Demo.

Coincidentally, Ian Dent, the engineer for the Daylight Demo, contacted Wud Records earlier today right out of the blue during the re-recording of Pete’s vocals for Pick It Up which will be on Dark Company’s forthcoming Bad Habits album. It was extraordinary and delightful to speak with the man again after all these years. Ian remembers the occasion of Wud’s visit to his studio well and we spent a little time catching up on the past two decades. It was fantastic!

Our traffic figures would tend to indicate that there may be others out there who have played their part in one or another of our bands or lives at some point in the past. It would be great if you were to make yourselves known, perhaps through the forums or by email if you are too shy to telephone. You know you want to…