Fruit Bats

Fruit Bats were a duo featuring Rosie Mullin on voice and Aidan Whiteley on guitar. They were previously in the band Critical Error.

After Critical Error split up, Rosie and Aidan formed the Fruit Bats. The duo started out being called ‘Why’ (?!) – someone at a gig once asked back ‘Why?’

Fruit Bats played a gig at The Arts Centre in Exeter in 1989. They were the support act for the first ever live Spacegoats performance.

The original lineup of the Spacegoats featured Pok on guitar and vocal, Morgan Pugh on bass and a now unknown drummer. The lineup and style of the band changed many times over subsequent years, but this was their first ever show.

With the passing of so much time, Rosie is unable to remember any other gigs, although there probably were a few.

Fruit Bats wrote somewhere in the region of five original songs, two of which you can hear right here.

There was no definite end to the duo. It just fizzled out.