Wud Records Roster of Artists.

Wud Records is the home of many unique, original artists who have made some truly fabulous music over many years. Simply select the official pages of any of the bands and artists by clicking on their names in the list to the left and enjoy the wonders that lie within.

Our active artists are: Flicker, Dark Company, Pok the Bard and The Bastard Sons of Dennis.

Our legacy artists are: Alchemeon, Clonk!, Dr Watson, The Ug Brothers, Alien Heat, Rough Terrain, The Subterraineans, The Addled Eggs, The Masters of Drone, Laughing Sun, Wud, Lemming Meringue, Sirius Rising, Now, Fooog Dinboffin and the Release, Mark Drower and the Everyones.

Our archive artists have their own separate section on the website.

Pok is the most active of our artists. Flicker, Dark Company and The Bastard Sons of Dennis can still be considered active. All of the previous bands and artists have now ceased their activities, although we may release further material from them if and when it comes available.