Alchemeon: Live In Session Winter 2008-09 re-released

Alchemeon Live In Session 2008-09 has been re-released to SoundCloud. We are still waiting on the finalisation of the artwork and for one more rather troublesome track to be repaired. Once those things have been done, we shall release the album to Bandcamp as well, so that Alchemeon fans can finally download these wonderful songs.

This collection of ten classic tracks from the mighty foursome has received a considerable amount of treatment in our studios. All of the tracks have now been mastered so you can enjoy them all at a consistent and loud volume.

Following the demise of the old Wud Records in-site mp3 player, the now dead Flamplayer, these files languished for some time in our vaults. This was due in part to the technology we used at the time to digitise the recordings. The interface we were using was not particularly good and has long since been abandoned. It made the sound like the comedy ripping of trousers when somebody in a Carry On movie would bend over.

This was not something we particularly desired on the finished recordings. It was a source of great irritation and confufulation. We spent many hours re-drawing the wave forms by hand to remove the worst of these unwanted sonic disturbances.

There is one more track to be re-released to this collection, Born of Stars. Unfortunately this one is still on our slab. It has many instances of the aforementioned troublesome analogue-to-digital anomaly. It requires a considerable amount more work to clean it up. When we have finished this work and added it back into the Live In Session 2008-09 playlist, we shall let Alchemeon fans know via our News service and on Twitter.

We hope to be able to do a similar mastering job on the later collection of Alchemeon tracks, Live In Session Spring 2009. This collection may be re-released in September, depending on how other work goes in our busy lives.

If you would like to hear Alchemeon Live In Session 2008-09 right here on the Wud Records website, please click here.

Should you prefer to listen over at SoundCloud instead, please click here.