Alchemeon Live In Session Winter 2008-09

Alchemeon Live In Session Winter 2008-09

The recordings of these songs by Alchemeon were all taken from the Depot X sessions. These took place in Exeter during December 2008 and January 2009.

This particular selection was chosen by consensus of Alchemeon band members, including in the old and now disabled Wud Records forums.

All of the tracks were recorded live on December 12th and December 17th 2008, and January 13th 2009. The songs were all recorded using four mics into a mixer and then into a cassette machine.

The cassettes were played into our computers using some rather dodgy technology, which we have long since abandoned. This was due to the number of technical issues created.

By not transfering the audio to digital format correctly, the files ended up languishing in our vaults for some time. All of the files were plagued by many instances per minute of a sound similar to the sound one might hear when ripping one’s trousers. This was very annoying and required a lot of work and redrawing of wave forms by hand, which was fiddly, tedious and horribly time-consuming.

Subsequently to the discontinuation of our previous in-site mp3 player, we took the opportunity to master these tracks before re-release. Despite the somewhat furry sound in places and general 60s technology difficulties, the tracks are sounding pretty good by now in comparison to what we salvaged from the cassettes.

One of the tracks, Born of Stars, is still in need of work with regard to the manual redrawing of the wave form. When we have finished this task, the track will be added in position #7 in this playlist.