Alchemeon: Live In Session Spring 2009

Alchemeon Live In Session Spring 2009 has been repaired, remastered and re-released. You can download it from Bandcamp and you can enjoy hearing it right here at the Wud Records website. You can also listen to it at SoundCloud, where we will be releasing the tracks one at a time over the course of several days.

Alchemeon Live In Session Spring 2009 was recorded between the end of February and the middle of April 2009 at the Sound Gallery in Exeter.

Everything is quite raw and lo-fi because it was all salvaged from cassette. The audio has been massively repaired and the ghastly cassette hum has been reduced considerably. After languishing in our vaults waiting for repair for some time following the demise of the previous in-site music player, we mastered the audio files and can now re-release them.

The cover illustration was created by Pok just a few days ago. We decided upon a more green and pink colour scheme for Spring, instead of Winter‘s colder blue and pale yellow, the colour of Pok‘s Ibanez Roadstar guitar Marsha.

There are all kinds of details we love in the cover art. Pok‘s fingers on the guitar, probably playing Am11 in Born (on the word “began”, or sometimes “belong”), the same chord that starts the song We Know You Well, such as the splendid version on Pok‘s Anthology album. George’s bare feet. He nearly always played with bare feet. The way Jim looks so like Jim. There’s no mistaking him. Iggy’s whizzy stick. All the wires. Wonderful!

The most observant of you will have noticed that the Winter cover art was also uploaded, just a few days after the album’s re-release on Bandcamp last week. The Alchemeon Live In Session Winter 2008-09 cover illustration is even newer. We love all the details of that drawing as well. The snow. Pok all set up and ready to play and seen through the window. Iggy carrying his percussion and cymbals and his big black motorbike. Jim‘s old sporty Hyundai car and his enormous collection of instruments. It captures the zeitgeist of those recordings beautifully.

There are a few more recordings of Alchemeon stored in our machines and they remain largely untreated. These are alternative versions of the songs we have released. They were recorded during the various Alchemeon live sessions. If you are particularly interested in adding any of these recordings to your collection, please get in touch by emailing and we will try to work something out for you.

Aside from that, as far as we can tell, that may be it for Alchemeon – unless any very surprising things occur in the future. Never say never. But it seems very unlikely.

To hear a continuation, further development and alternative versions of some of Alchemeon’s wonderful songs, you can check out Pok’s Anthology album by clicking here. Most of the Alchemeon songs are either finished and available to be enjoyed, or are in the works. All announcements regarding new releases will be made in our News service and on the Wud Records Twitter, so please keep a close eye on those pages.

To download Alchemeon Live In Session Spring 2009 from Bandcamp, please click here.

To listen right here at the Wud Records website, please click here.

If you would like to listen to Alchemeon Live In Session Spring 2009 at SoundCloud, please click here.

Please note that for technical and logisstical reasons, we will be releasing the tracks to SoundCloud gradually over time, so you may not find the entire playlist there for a couple of weeks.