Alien Heat: remastering

The Essential and Red Rug Demo collections from Alien Heat are scheduled for remastering following on from our recent and extensive digging through the archives. All of the Alien Heat material that we have has now been fed into the machines and will be processed soon. There may be some new material made available as a result of this.

Fans of Alien Heat who bought their songs whose contact details we have will be sent upgraded sound files and new CDs free of charge when the work has been completed. Once we have finished the remastering, all of the song files both here at Wud Records and at Bandcamp will be upgraded and we shall let you all know about this in our news feed.

We will offer all the current Alien Heat downloads at a discount price until the remastering is finished, although we will not be sending free upgrades to Alien Heat fans who buy songs during this discount period (d’oh!). :-)