The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Ten Years Later

Ten Years Later is a brand new release from The Bastard Sons of Dennis. It has been added to their forthcoming Cherry Smoke Empire album. It is an original song from the pen of Andy and was written many years ago, with the duo first performing it back in 1994. It might be about uncertainty, but we’re not really sure…

During the recording of Ten Years Later, our engineers and the band together felt that the nature and subject of the song might be a scene between two friends having a chat over coffee. We set about creating a cafe scene, and thanks to those wonderful providers of great sound samples at we have achieved a pleasing result. The adlib voices from Q.Wim and Yuri were all done in one take, and it was the first as it happens.

We have taken the decision to set Ten Years Later, and indeed the rest of the Cherry Smoke Empire album, to ‘pay what you want’. This means that you can even download the whole album for free if you wish, although if you feel the music has some value and would like to support everyone involved in making it happen, we’ll all be very happy!

There are three more tracks that will be added to the Cherry Smoke Empire album before we can call it finished. All three of them are sounding good and we hope to be able to finish the whole thing within the next few weeks.

The next studio session with The Bastard Sons of Dennis is planned for Friday. We believe that another track or two will be released very soon after. Of course, we shall keep you updated with regard to any developments regarding The Bastard Sons of Dennis and their activities in our News service and on Twitter, so be sure to follow us there. Our gruesome twosome even update their FaceBook page from time to time, so give them a like if possible.

To download or listen to Ten Years Later from Bandcamp, please click here.

If you’d like to listen to the whole Cherry Smoke Empire album as it stands right now, please click here.