The Bastard Sons of Dennis: Amber Rooms show

Despite George forgetting how the start of the first song went, this show was another triumph for The Bastard Sons of Dennis. Their set this time was Dominance and Submission, Wings Wetted Down, Teen Archer and Astronomy. Both of the last two songs were fantastic, especially the silly percussive section in Teen Archer and the harmony to end Astronomy. All in all a highly creditable performance among many highly creditable performances on the night.

The next show may be on Thursday. We will keep you updated as to when the Bastard Sons of Dennis will be playing here at Wud Records. There is also a possibility they might change their name to Brazilian Transvestite Orgy. As usual, the latest news on that will be here too… :-/

We hope that it might be possible to say something about the other musicians playing at such events and post links to their web pages for you to see. We have witnessed some fantastic performances, and bringing some of these musicians to a wider Wud audience would be good. Watch this space…