The Bastard Sons of Dennis: more shows announced

The Bastard Sons of Dennis have been rehearsing new songs recently, and they finally managed to perform live at the Hole in the Wall on Tuesday, including the very first performances of two of their own pieces, Second Act and Ten Years Later. There are several more shows coming up over the next few days.

On Monday they plan to play at the Oddfellows in Exeter, Tuesday will be the Hole in the Wall again, and on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday they will be appearing at Sidmouth Folk Festival in a variety of locations. We will have more information for you soon on Sidmouth.

The Bastard Sons of Dennis have also been recording some more tracks for their free CDs and demos. This last week has seen them record Before The Kiss, A Redcap and Wings Wetted Down. We plan to upload their songs here when they are finished. They almost have a working PA system as well, so plan to play more longer shows when that has been fully fixed.