The Bastard Sons of Dennis: recently…

The Bastard Sons of Dennis have been busy playing at various venues and adding new material to their set. There have been two performances at The Hole in the Wall, the second of which was rather prolonged and allowed the band to play their entire set. This included debut performances of songs such as Workshop of the Telescopes and three BSoD originals, all penned by Andy. These songs were Smile, Good Times and Sometimes.

Other recent performances include a triumphant return to the Black Horse and a debut performance at The Oddfellows, which was a lot of fun and featured a split-level stage arrangement. The plan is to return to both venues soon.

The Bastard Sons of Dennis plan to record some of their original material soon. We will keep you informed when there are further developments. They also worked on a tune by George called Second Act which has a ludicrous amount of time signature changes and is rather challenging to play, and wrote a song in Spanish about the losing and finding of a family member’s furniture. This was done in the style of a Spanish phrasebook. The band may have discovered an entirely new genre of music quite by accident!

We hope that some of you might be able to come along to their next performance. It will be at The Hole in the Wall, Castle Street, Exeter on Tuesday 23rd March. There were some there last time who were familiar with our website, so thanks for coming! The boys also plan a return to the Black Horse in early March, which we will give details of nearer the time.