Critical Error: band archive pages

Critical Error‘s archive pages have gone live! We are tremendously excited and happy about this. Critical Error is a band we have been hoping to include in our Archives for years, ever since the Archives began. And now, finally, we can tell everyone about it, after sitting on the news and sqeuaking a bit for the last few weeks.

Critical Error were very highly regarded in what was a fantastic music scene in south west england during the late 1980s. They were also great friends of the Wud Records posse back in the day.

Critical Error even recorded their eponymous album at Paul Bateman‘s now legendary home studio, at the exact same time that our legacy band, Rough Terrain, were busy making their Howell Road Demo. The Howell Road Demo became a part of Rough Terrain‘s Exit Stage Deaf compilation album. The two bands shared Jerry on bass for a short while. Stuart “The Amazing Blind Screaming Blue Stu” Cannon made regular live guest appearances for Rough Terrain as well as appearing on one of Critical Error’s songs.

A whole galaxy of stars who were highly respected virtuoso musicians from various other bands, made guest appearances on Critical Error’s eponymous album. There was a wonderful community spirit to it and the calibre of musicians that the band Critical Error attracted shows just what high regard they were held in by those who knew and understood.

At the time of publishing this news post, not much music has been released. More will be released over the coming days.

Album, EP and demo releases will be announced in our News service and on Twitter. Individual track releases will be announced only on Twitter, so be sure to follow us. You can follow us by clicking on anywhere it says ‘Twitter‘ on this page.

The Critical Error music will all be released on SoundCloud. We release tracks there gradually rather than all at once. This is due to the way people discover music on SoundCloud. It means more new fans have a better chance of discovering the splendid songs of Critical Error when we release tracks separately. Normally 24 to 48 hours is a long enough wait, so it won’t be very long until all the songs are available.

The music of the live Critical Error band was mainly acoustic. Their performances were compelling. Audiences were entranced by the spells the band wove with their magic. Typically a Critical Error audience would listen, enthralled and spellbound by the charismatic quartet.

Despite sounding like gentle hippies, their songs had a dark undertow. They could jolt the listener whose attention had wandered back to captivation with a sharp lyric that induced an outburst of thinking.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy listening to the music of the Critical Error band as much as we did. Collectively we hope that the spirit of Steve Mavin, the band’s main songwriter, who tragically passed away in 1999 aged just 47, a man who was well known and well loved by those who knew him, will smile and endure.

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