Howell Road Demo (1987)

The Howell Road Demo by Rough Terrain was recorded in 1987 by Paul Bateman and George Davies at Howell Road, Haldon Road and The Riverside Club, Exeter.

Rough Terrain made the Howell Road Demo during the hottest days of the summer of 1987. The drums and frog noises were recorded at the Riverside club near the Exe Bridge roundabout in Exeter. Most of the vocals were recorded at George’s Haldon Road flat. The rest was done in Paul’s Howell Road studio. Alan’s bedroom was used as the live room and he was rather surprised to find a Marshall stack just inside the door when he arrived home one day.

It was not until early 1988 that the band were able to duplicate and start selling copies of their demo. Mandy designed the cover art and the package was printed at Exeter University’s print department.

01 Same Old Road Again
02 Frog
03 The Warning
04 Down at the Elephant Fayre
05 Starlight Dream