Rough Terrain: Howell Road Demo repaired

The Howell Road Demo from Rough Terrain has been repaired and added to the growing collection of Wud Records playlists over at SoundCloud. The Howell Road Demo makes up about 56% of Rough Terrain‘s Exit Stage Deaf album, which can be downloaded from Bandcamp by clicking here.

The Howell Road Demo was recorded during the very hottest part of the summer of 1987. When George and Paul were doing the mixing, they would periodically go down to the bathroom to cool their heads by putting them under the cold tap and soaking their long hair in the sink. They would then return to the studio, dripping on the furniture and the carpet.

The drums were recorded at The Riverside, a nightclub on Okehampton Street in Exeter that has long since closed. The vocals were largely recorded at George’s flat in Haldon Road and the guitars were recorded at Paul’s Howell Road studio. Alan’s bedroom was used as the live room and he was particularly surprised one day to find a big Marshall stack and microphones just inside the door when he returned home from a festival.

The Daylight Demo makes up the rest of the Exit Stage Deaf album. That collection of songs is yet to be repaired and when it is done we shall let you know through our News service.

There are not so many of the old Flamplayer playlists remaining to be repaired now. Once they have all been done we shall start adding new material from our extensive archives.

If you would like to listen to the Howell Road Demo by Rough Terrain at SoundCloud, please click here.

If you prefer to listen here at Wud Records, please click here instead.