Dark Company: Drift of Stars

We’ve uploaded some rough demos of some songs that will eventually come to form the Drift of Stars album by Dark Company. Some of these demos are extremely (!) sketchy and we hope to be able to update these songs in the reasonably near future. We intend to add a couple more songs to this collection as well. If you would like to listen to these songs, you can do so by clicking here.

One of the Drift of Stars songs, Joe Right, comes in two separate versions, a rock version and a jazz version. The rock version is the Drift of Stars version, and the jazz version has been added to the Can of Worms album. To listen to the Can of Worms album please click here.

We are very pleased to say that there is very little left to make rough demos of from the vast archive of Dark Company’s back catalogue. A fairly large number of other songs exist but Wud Records and/or Dark Company themselves have taken the executive decision to reject them.