Dark Company: Meteor and Gottedamerung

Meteor and Gottedamerung are the two latest songs to be added to the Mind Dance collection from Dark Company.

Meteor is a simple acoustic song with Pete playing harmonica and is about the results of a tarot reading. It has an outdoor summer feel and a comical ending with some very strange noises in the background. Further percussion and atmospherics will be added before this song is finished.

Gottedamerung sounds like two completely different songs that have been joined together in the middle. It begins with a drum-n-bass feel and heavy guitars before mellowing to a more melodic groove.

As with the other songs we have added to Mind Dance recently, these versions are still only at alpha stage and require a great deal of work until they are finished. We shall be adding further tracks to the Mind Dance album for you in the coming days so that you can hear how this album is developing.

If you would like to listen to Meteor and Gottedamerung or indeed the entire Mind Dance album as it stands right now, you can do so by clicking here.