Dark Company: Nightshifters

We’ve uploaded the new mix of Nightshifters to Dark Company’s Bad Habits collection. We hope you like the new version with its beautifully filthy guitars, the ten imperial tons of mean and dirty bass hanging in mid-air like a single vast flawless slab of iron, and all the lovely twinkly ethereal keys. This song is a lyrical favourite of the team overflowing with Pete’s magical evocative imagery. It is a kind of visionary space-metal proclamation with a hint of Evanescence and a tang of Kraftwerk about it.

Dark Company have also been busy working on material new and old. Much of the Alien Heat collection is progressing, as is the Can of Worms collection.

All the demos of their 11th album have been mixed into one solid lump of guitars, voices, basses and drums which we are calling Wooden Wires. It has a very pleasing sound indeed and we’re looking forward very much to hearing the finished product! We anticipate that work on the Wooden Wires material will begin in earnest around the end of this year or early next year.