Dark Company: Rage in Heaven remastering

We have remastered Dark Company’s Rage in Heaven album from 1993 and are not especially overjoyed at the results as there were a few anomalies in the original mixes we had to work with.

As such we have uploaded the files to our shop at bandcamp.com and left the album and its individual tracks at the discounted price until we have either remastered the album again or come up with a new plan entirely.

Rage in Heaven is a glorious album and we highly recommend it to everyone as it shows off Dark Company’s virtuosity when they were pioneers of the trance-rock sound. The album features the songs Medicines, The Forger and Last Train to Heaven, with Medicines becoming a minor hit record in Europe in the late part of 1993. If you would like to visit the Rage in Heaven page at bandcamp.com you can do so by clicking here.