Dark Company: Standing Still and Dreadlocked

The upgraded alpha mixes of Standing Still and Dreadlocked by Dark Company have been added to their Mind Dance album playlist.

Being only alpha mixes, there is still a lot of work to be done before these Dark Company songs are finished. A lot of the strings will need to be replayed and a lot of production still needs to be done.

Nevertheless, all of the songs on Dark Company‘s Mind Dance album are developing in a pleasing way and we hope you enjoy these most recent updates. There will be more to add to the Mind Dance album in the coming days.

Standing Still features the awesome jazz harmonica of Pete as well as some wonderful drumming by Sven and Maxx’s brutal and melodic bass. It is a beautiful dreamy hypnotic song with a roots feel.

Dreadlocked is a more rocky and trancy song with a hint of eastern rhythm. Dark Company‘s rhythm section of Maxx and Sven again excel in this song. In the third verse Sven breaks free of his chains and lays down a wonderful complex groove whilst keeping all the bones of the simpler rhythm of the earlier verses.

If you would like to go to Dark Company‘s Mind Dance page to listen to these songs right now, you can do so by clicking here.